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Collecting Data for a Better World

Datanomics Logo

As founder of the World Datanomic Forum, I connect partners who provide resources in order to fill obvious gaps of support in the economy, philanthropy, politics and humanitarian aid.

I organize Datathons for clients to collect factual data of certain problems that need to be solved and deserve more clarity.

Datanomics refers to the transparent, united, and coordinated usage of factual data to close demand and supply gaps.


The World Datanomic Forum vows to collaborate with Startup Boat to match the interests of companies with the well-being of refugees and locals while taking the material reality of an ecosystem into consideration. 


Personal Datanomics refers to a culturally interconnected framework to harmonize interactions of individuals. Based on the special theory of relativity, every observer has their own relative point of view. In personal and interpersonal datanomics, this point of view is depicted as data, put into context with other points of view and used to provide peaceful alternatives to conflict or social tension.

Interpersonal Datanomics aims to coordinate peaceful interactions between individuals with the mission to help every person live safely and peacefully in society.

Be a part of something bigger & make a powerful change through data!

Gain access to a wealth of knowledge, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and change social interactions for the better.

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