For My Daughter

Forever and a day, I pray that my daughter may find the courage to stand tall for what she believes in.

Because the word "miracle" exists for a reason.

Because the impossible is possible.

Don't let them ever tell you that you can't.

Wear a brand: wear yourself.

Find that which awakens you the most and love it hard.

Don't go for what you want, go for the thing that makes you breathe again.

It's okay to look incomplete and be incomplete, because life is only complete on the day that you perish.

So: Listen to your pain and take it seriously. Then, turn it into pleasure.

But never go search of love. Go in search of life and love will meet you there.

Understand that the world has many problems to be fixed but don't try to solve them all:

Be the solution.

Don't just make the solution.

Try to be the best version of you on every day.

No woman or man ever steps into the same river twice.

Not only because the river always flows, but because the blood of a person flows too.

Have faith in yourself and in change always, because you are the beginning and the end of your existence.

Give faith to others if you can, and be a shoulder to cry on.

If you cannot point with your finger to a goal, give honest leadership in the shape of a laugh, a tear or another honest emotion.

Learn to enjoy the silence but don't let the silence become your most trusted friend.

A world is waiting.

Stand free but don't push others away.

Feel, but don't drown in a moment.

Because tomorrow will miss you so much!

Don't plan, manifest your dream.

Remember that your mother loved you always and knows that you want to do good.

I can feel you in my body as I write this here, and you are already my friend.

How much more lucky could I be?

I cannot wait to hold you close to me.

Written on a day filled with thoughts about you from me,

your mother.