- The Datanomic Index - 

An Index Of The Indexes To Monitor Human Progress

Where do we stand as a global society

- based on data?


The Datanomic Index ranks companies and governments according to their contribution to the wellbeing of the world and to all people.


The biggest, future oriented success is achieved with reaching of the grade 10,

whereas the lowest possible grade is 0.


Parameters subject to the rating include


Example 1 - Governments


Engagement In War

Hungering Population

Mortality Rate

Life Expectancy

Child Mortality Rate

Schooling Of Children


Example 2 - Companies


Ratings are divided into two sub-sections:




Examples Of The Qualitative And Quantitative Questions We Ask

Is the product or service healthy for a person's physical condition?

Is it community centered?

Is it good for the environment?

IS IT Equalising dynamics or diverging dynamics?

All data is collected in close partnership with renown research institutes and other mass-collectors of data in the commercial and political realm.


Ratings are used to identify and evaluate the overall harmfulness or benefactors of a product, a company, a government and other stakeholders  for the planet and the human race.

Inside the World Datanomic Forum, the Datanomic Index suggests to future-minded investors which industries to invest in or withdraw capital from - the aim here being the shift of funds from products and entities which currently pose a danger to humankind to those which create opportunities based on clear parameters and data.

Entities that recently scored low ranking can undertake suggested adjustments in order to score a higher mark as part of a renewed evaluation.


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