Paula Schwarz - Biography

Born June 11th, 1990 in Munich


Paula Schwarz is the Fondatrice of the World Data-Economic Forum (2017). The WDF provides transparency for both corporates as well as business leaders in regards to their progress on SDG8 Decent Work, SDG9 Innovation and SDG 12 Responsible Production and Consumption. WDF has created the metrics which are legally binding for companies, individuals and state actors in Special Data-Economic Zones (SDG Cities) in order to help the people move from a need for ‚economic functionality‘ to their right as individual, beautiful and free parts of a collective society in which they can trust each other. SDG Cities are mainly financed through the Scaled Impact Alliance of the World Data-Economic Forum in partnership with regional public-sector entities and the World Bank.

WDF and Paula Schwarz work in close partnership with all UN institutions, with a strong focus on the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSN, Paris), the Global Sustainable Index Institute Foundation (UNGSII, Vienna), UN Academic Impact and other non-UN research driven institutions that are eager to fast track the implementation of the Global Goals of the United Nations that were agreed upon by 193 heads of state.


Before setting up WDF, Paula Schwarz co-founded the Refugee First Response Center (2015 - ongoing) as well as the Pythagoras Academy together with Cisco, the local governments in Greece and Turkey enabling migrants to keep their dignity and improve their skill sets while having lost their fundament. Since then she works close with scholars like Prof. von Müller LMU Munich and the cognostics ag

to bring intelligence into regional governance structures on a regional/city level. 


After completing her studies of Political Sciences at the FU Berlin 2009, Paula was hired by the Bayer Foundations to accelerate their Innovation programs with an annual budget of 80 million Euro. In 2016, she graduated with a postgrad degree from Stanford in Investment Management. 2019 Capital awarded her for the second time with the “40 under 40”. Among other functions she serves on the board of the German industry connecting culture and Business (Kulturkreis des BDI). Paula Schwarz sits on the board of the XPrize and serves as Chief Strategic Officer of

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