About Me

Paula Schwarz is a tech-entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and activist.
She is the founder of the World Datanomic Forum and The Cloud Nation.
She is widely recognized as a skilled educator, researcher, and activist specializing in solving crises related to mass migration around the world.

Throughout her career, Schwarz has supported oppressed groups and established multiple initiatives, such as Refugee First Response Centers and the Pythagoras Academy, a technology-focused college funded by Cisco and Google for Entrepreneurs. She has also worked closely with multiple UN institutions such as UNHCR, UNOPS, The World Food Programme, UNICEF and IOM.

Paula Schwarz

I created a mobile incubator called Startupboat.

On physical Startupboats, my teams and I have built solutions related to migration for refugees that have been used by 20 million users and more.

Projects that are created on Startupboats and that need to go through a scaling program are supported via StartupAid with funding, expertise and a strong network.

The latest result of Startupboat was the network Tech4Ukraine.

Titles & Awards

  • ​​Deutschland.de Top 5 women to transform Germany since 2019

  • Ashoka Impact Award Greece (2016)

  • Special Appointee of the Vatican for data-related problem solving

  • Capital Magazine 2x listing as Top Innovator Under 40

  • Forbes 30 Under 30 in Social Entrepreneurship

  • Ex-Curator of the Refugee Taskforce of the World Economic Forum

  • Audi Generation Prize Nominee

  • Member of the Innovation Board at the X-Prize Foundation

  • Fellow of the Council for Creative Economy of the Republic of Germany