The God Speed Theory


Time exists because the universe expands.


The fact that I know things of which my parents never told me, and the fact that I know about knowing about this knowledge without being taught about its existence in this life.


The earth continues to recycle its self as it flies through the universe. The atmosphere organizes the earth's gravity.


The gravity with which each soul is passed on is individualistic, since we are all in different levels of development, as suggested in the argument about me having more knowledge than my parents or anyone ever taught me in this life.


Points 3 and 4 suggest that the soul must have a form of information that is passed on as something of different or much smaller contexture then dna.

The soul must be contained in a form of gravity that is passed on in a much smaller or different form then DNA.


The common factor between the universe and the earth is time.

As stated in point 1, time exists because the universe expands.

This means that people on earth must encounter different lives that flow in the same measuring system as time, as the earth continues to recycle itsself as it floats through the universe.


The universe and the people are both part of the same system.

The system must contain time as a factor since both its sub-systems contain time as a factor.

Time is a continuum.


The speed with which each soul grows through time varies.

The soul is an organism inside of the universe that can develop very strong powers in case it is matched with an equivalent of itsself that is in the same level of the evolutionary soul game.

What this means is that the notion of Ying and Yang, of finding your other half, and religiously speaking of getting ,married' is something that catalyzes a process of development in each soul. This process sets free extreme speed, power, force and light or darkness.

We select what we select.

Darkness, Light or Grey.

Having said that - if you don't know yourself, meaning - if you don't know your inside...

How do you know who's chosing?

How can you know who you are?

How can you know your relativity?

Have you met all of you yet?

If not, please close your eyes, look inside and say hello.

Thank you.


I call the speed with which the soul travels ,Soul Speed'.


God speed is bigger than Soul Speed.


The description of force that is a soul and that gravitates in the atmosphere is called Soul Gravity.


The gravity with which each soul is passed on is individualistic, since we are all in different levels of development, as suggested in the argument about me having more knowledge than my parents or anyone ever taught me in this life.


Point 12 suggests that it is advisable not to listen to people but to listen to your destinity/ your calling/your life.


To listen to my calling, I developed the routine to watch and listen to the signs that life is and was giving to me.

What this means is that I combine my heart, my mind and my body (mother, father, inner child) in my awareness and in my experiences in life.

As I live life, I try to notice and to stay aware of the signs that come to me repetitively.

Not in my head, but in every situation.

I am doing this to understand what level of soul gravity I am on - to understand my soul speed.

I check back in with myself regularly (heart, mind, body) to make sure that I feel good and happy so that I can walk through life being as aware and empowered as possible, so that I can empower others in return.

Then, I focus on life again.

I think that this is usually referred to as an ,Enlightened Experience'.


The energy field that each soul creates so that it can be found by other souls on the same level of soul speed - with an equivalent soul gravity is called ,Aura'.


Understanding one's own soul speed and gravity further is called Datanomics. Many roads lead to Rome.


You can go levels up and you can go levels down.

There is heaven and there is hell.

Upward spiral and downward spiral.

Life is what we make of it.


Social Networks

Social networks suggest that people who are on the same level recognise each other somehow, or are drawn to each other.


Point 18 suggests that there must be something like levels that the gravity of souls is organised into. The levels must pulsate in different rythms that form some kind of combined melody.

I imagine this like strings on a guitar that vibrate together but differently.


Personally, I think that Steven Hawking is somewhat wrong although I loved reading through his discoveries. (Rest in peace)


My ,God Speed' Hypothesys:

I think that the universe (or what we call universe) is part of something bigger.

I think that the universe was created by something like the big bang, as a catalyzing process between different forms of materials or life that we have yet to discover and that we don't know anything about because they lie outside of what we used to call the universe.

I think that the universe is something like a bone or a string of dna that contains us all and I think that there are things outside of the universe.

I am excited to know that we are all part of something bigger. Bigger than the universe.


The Big Bang was a lightning of information that continues to grow in different sub-nuances.


I apologise to the reader for adding so many individual points of research in this paper but the right time had come to organise the bits and pieces of findings that for some reason I was able to collect over a series of years in my brain.


Written by Paula Schwarz

17th of May, 2020.