New Money For The Markets

Joe Biden currently pumps a high amount of money into the American economy in order to drive forward investments into new, green technologies, to signal more hope after Donald Trump is gone from the White House and people long for a return of the lost American dream, and finally also to demonstrate a counterweight against growing superpowers such as China.

Already as Donald Trump was leaving office, the cryptocurrency-markets were going up like crazy.

Now, with Joe Biden offering fresh money that's easy to be borrowed from the people with little or no fees, it is very likely that the cryptocurrency-markets will experience a prolonged and unforeseen period of growth.

The money that is being pumped into the American economy has to end up somewhere, and since it is supposed to be used for innovation and new technologies, a large part of it is likely to end up on the crypto-markets. It's also very likely that new tech-based companies and internet-companies continue to introduce their own cryptocurrencies to the markets, which would further excel the interest in cryptocurrencies.

As I'm currently living in Germany with an American boyfriend, I look at the different ways money is being handled by tech-based American communities in relation to German investors.

As I said before, it's rather easy these days to borrow money from a bank in the U.S.A., as an investor. People like Mr. Trump borrowed money from banks all the time to finance their big-ass real-estate deals.

In Germany, it's not very common to admit that you "need help" as an investor. If people borrow money they don't talk about it and this method is not seen as a "German", solid way to do business.

If you can make a safe bet with an investment and if you can be sure to grow the amount of money you borrow in a known period of time with so-and-so-many multiples, and to give back the amount you borrowed safely, why is it then wrong to borrow this money in the first place?

We live in very innovative times, in which young people need more say and play in and about their every-day lives. I am therefore in favour of the American-dream model, and I believe that it should be introduced more in the German markets, banks and mindsets.

Lending cheap money in amounts that are reasonable to young people so that they can pursue promising investments would be beneficial to all: the banks, consumers, companies and entire local ecosystems.

We need to move from "pride" to "try" in Germany.


As a bit of a joke, I purchased the domain alternativefü a while ago.

Some people view the political party "Alternative Für Deutschland" as the new Nazi-party of Germany.

Because I didn't quite know what to do with this domain, I started to think about good ways to use it.

I realised that, for me, the real alternative for Germany is progress through innovation and community.

So, in the end, I decided to use the domain in order to incubate Startups that focus on exactly that:

providing alternatives for Germany through innovation and community - beyond borders.

Why beyond borders? Because the phenomenon of mass-migration opens up massive markets in the humanitarian realm and beyond that are not only promising business opportunities as they impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people, because German engineering of houses, machines and other items can make a real difference here, and because we can access such markets more easily with smaller investments if we set up these alternatives for Germany (and beyond) as Decentralised Autonomous Organisations.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations are also referred to as "DAO's".

As the name gives away already, they are decentralised, and they also rely heavily on technology and the effective coordination of activities.

("Uber" can be seen as an example for an American "DAO".)

My life as an entrepreneur was strongly impacted in positive ways when I won the startup bus in Africa in 2014. Countless of my friends had to move from one country to another because of reasons of war, and since my mother is Greek and I love the Greek islands, I ended up working my ass off in the European refugee crisis. I'm mentioning these stations in my life to be clear about the fact that I mean what I say when I talk about building projects beyond borders in favour of all people involved.

My DAO's for Germany are going to be built up by students who just graduated from high-school.

The students will be part of a program that's called "StartupAid", which is financed by myself and my co-investors.

The projects are internally called "G2C Services", "Government-to-Citizen-Services", because we want to provide excellence to the people in different sectors professionally, just like states should do, in order to help both the people and states progress -beyond borders.

Please tune in and listen to my talk for the Inspiration Days today @ 11.45 - 12.30 a.m. C.E.T. at 300 German schools around the globe for more information, or to hopefully join one of the teams.

Finally, I'd like to thank my co-investors, project-partners and the owners of some amazing German clubs here for having my back. I mention the German clubs also because we'll be setting up something like "alternative after-school classrooms at night" here in order to get the teams to work together well in a nice vibe once Corona starts to die down a bit in Germany.

Dear reader, even if you can't listen in today - I'm still grateful for your time and that you ended up reading this text until the end. Please consider to borrow some money and invest in crypto (Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin are safe bets!) in the near future - you won't regret it!

Paula Schwarz, May 5th 2021.