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The House of Beautiful Impact Mykonos

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Looking back at the House of Beautiful Impact Mykonos 2023 fills me with joy and gratitude. The event was a shining example of how when passionate minds come together, they can drive positive change and innovation. Mykonos, with its beauty and vibrant spirit, provided the perfect canvas for this meaningful gathering.

Paula Schwarz with her collaborators and friends

Creating Impact Beyond Mykonos

The event left a significant imprint, showcasing its potential for meaningful impact. The creation and trial of RefugAI 0.2 by Silicon Valley developers on Mykonos underlined how this event could drive practical humanitarian solutions. Additionally, the collaboration between Accenture and Ahura AI, nurtured during this event, underscored our dedication to collective efforts and making a positive global difference. The involvement of Yulia, the visionary founder of One Ukraine, was a perfect embodiment of our mission. Her role as a cross-regional legal coordinator demonstrated the strength that collaboration and unity can bring.

Cosmopolis: Making a Difference

A group picture with Paula Schwarz at Mykonos

One of the event's highlights was the integration of Cosmopolis, a platform I co-founded, into the event's purpose. Cosmopolis is designed to connect people who want to help with those who need help. Our platform is based on shared interests and a desire to do good. As a user, you can switch between being someone who helps and someone who seeks help because we all need assistance sometimes.

One of the key features of Cosmopolis is the ability for users to create personalized profiles showcasing their skills, experiences, and passions. These profiles play a role in facilitating connections based on mutual interests and a shared desire to make a positive impact on the community. By connecting people based on their strengths and passions, we aim to promote a sense of collaboration and togetherness.

Joining Cosmopolis provides an opportunity to make priceless connections, shape a brighter future, and make a difference.

A Future of Collaboration and Change at the House of Beautiful Impact

Looking ahead, I see the lasting impact of this event in the projects, partnerships, and innovations that were sparked here. The event was a catalyst for a better future—a future where collaboration and unity fuel change.

We invite you to be a part of Cosmopolis, where every skill, every bit of knowledge, and every helping hand can make an immense impact. Join us, share your strengths, and let's foster a world where the spirit of collaboration and support knows no boundaries. Together, we can create a more connected, compassionate, and empowered world. Join Cosmopolis, and let's embark on this impactful journey together.

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