Tech Entrepreneur

Paula Schwarz is a tech entrepreneur with a focus on humanitarian aid, mass migration and data.

She was awarded with Forbes 30under30, 40under40 from Capital Magazine (2x) and the Impact Award of Ashoka in Greece. She is an Alumni of the Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum and co-headed the Berlin Chapter of the Global Shapers.

She began her career in tech at the private fund of Philipp Schindler (Google's Global Head Of Operations) in 2012 and was situated in China at the time.

She later joined the Venture Bus in East Africa and won the competition with her team in 2014.

She spent time in Rawanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and the Congo.

Paula received a scholarship from Stanford University and 500 Startups to study Investment Management at Stanford University. She also holds a Master's Degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Western Australia and a Bachelor's Degree in Political Sciences from the Free University of Berlin. She is a certified manager of EU-Grants of the EU-Fundraising Association.

In 2015, She founded the mobile think tank StartupBoat, an initiative to help perceive mass migration as an opportunity rather than just a challenge.


Paula frequently speaks at events about her past work with and for Human Right Watch in the Empire-State Building of New York City, where she was involved in the supervision of human rights violations at Olympic Games.

Paula Schwarz spent 5 months in a youth-empowerment project in Karnataka, India that aimed to help young daughters of alcoholic parents in slums through more international contacts and better education.

When the Syran refugee crisis hit Europe, she began to gather data about global problems and potential solutions to those problems in the World Datanomic Forum.

In the World Datanomic Forum, experts create, discuss and invest together to improve the state of the world based on data and facts. The World Datanomic Forum grew into the first distributed nation, the Cloud Nation. On the distributed lands of the Cloud Nation, solutions to problems in the World Datanomic Forum are implemented and used for the benefit of the planet and the people.


Paula Schwarz has dedicated her life to the wellfare of humanity.

Today, she works with refugees in every part of the world through the Cloud Nation.

She also supports countless projects with the Schwarz Foundation to foster progress in international understanding on the road towards a healthier planet.